AUGA group has been ranked among the 10% best-performing companies in the international sustainability ratings for its sector globally

ISS Corporate Solutions, the world’s leading research and consulting company, has conducted an assessment of the sustainable operations of the AUGA group. Based on the study’s findings, Auga Group has been designated Prime status,  and a high sustainability score that puts it among the 10% best-performing companies for sustainability in the Food & Beverages sector globally.

“Prime” status is granted to companies with a general sustainability rating of more than 50 points. AUGA group was evaluated B- across a wide range of sustainability indicators, encompassing environmental, social, and governance factors. The company’s total score is 59.13.

The decile rank included in the study shows that the overall sustainability score of AUGA group falls into the top category. This means that the company is among the 10% best-performing companies for sustainability in the Food & Beverages sector globally.

“Such an assessment is important for a company that has set itself the strategic goal of becoming synonymous with sustainability. We have followed this path consistently over the past year, providing annual sustainability reports to stakeholders, ensuring that the most important decisions we make would cover all areas of sustainability: environmental, social, and governance. We are ready to continue to make progress in these areas and seek to provide our consumers with organic production with no cost to nature,”- says Dalius Misiūnas, AUGA group Chairman of the Board.

This international sustainability rating, which was conducted by independent experts, allows investors to rate the sustainability performance of the businesses they are interested in and provides companies with the means to self-assess their performance in sustainability.

ISS Corporate Solutions’ analysts gathered information from the media and other public sources, conducted interviews with stakeholders, and collected information on company policies and practices in the field of sustainability. Through dialogue with AUGA group and its stakeholders, ISS’s independent experts were able to provide an objective evaluation of AUGA group efforts in the field of sustainability.

AUGA group is the largest vertically integrated organic food producer in Europe providing sustainably grown food from field to shelf. The group of companies manages approx 39,000 ha of organically certified arable land and it is developing a sustainable farming model that is based on new technologies, specializing in crops, dairy cows, chicken, and mushroom growing. Using proprietary and contracted manufacturing, the company produces a wide range of organic food products for the end consumers as well as organic commodities.