AUGA group implements a unique governance model

First meeting of the new Board of AUGA group, AB composed of independent members took place on 18 June 2019. The Board of AUGA group decided to elect Dalius Misiūnas as the Chairman of the Board.

“The governance model implemented by the AUGA group when the Board members are independent is unique and creates preconditions for the highest standards of transparency and accountability to shareholders and investors. This is the first case in Lithuania when members of the Board of a non-governmental company are not affiliated with a controlling shareholder. The Board sets itself a goal to improve the corporate governance of the group, based on the best global practice. In the future, we will focus on refining our long-term strategy, which focuses on the production and supply chain of organic and sustainable food”, says Dalius Misiūnas.

In the light of good corporate governance practices and in order to create the most transparent and effective governance system, the company has abandoned the Supervisory Board this year by choosing the independent Board model. Currently, the Board of AUGA group consists of five new members: Murray Steele, Tomas Kučinskas, Tomas Krakauskas, Dalius Misiūnas and Andrej Cyba.

Former Chairman of the Board Kęstutis Juščius took the position of the General Manager of the Company since 29 April 2019.

“I am pleased that the history and vision of AUGA has enabled to attract experienced Lithuanian and international professionals to join us. The fact that these professionals have agreed to dedicate their time and knowledge so that the company would become a leader in sustainable business, has given me even more faith that we are on the right path, seeking to be a global market player. I believe that the changes in the management of the company will allow us to attract the best talents who will also believe in our vision”, says Kęstutis Juščius, CEO and main shareholder of the company.