AUGA is participating in Summer Fancy Food exhibition

AUGA is presenting it‘s organic products in The Summer Fancy Food Show, held in New York Javits Center, June 30-July 2.
The Summer Fancy Food Show is the largest specialty food industry trade event in North America.
Company is presenting full range of organic products: preserved vegetables, mushrooms, ready-to-eat soups, milk, grain products and a lot more. Participating in the event company sees a lot of opportunities to find partners from major distributors in East side of U.S. and other regions.
AUGA group sees big potential in the US market. US organic food market hit $45.2 billion in sales last year, also breaking through to a new record for an increase of 6.4%.
Organic food sales in US exceeded 5% of total retail sales. The USDA organic seal is highly trusted by over 75% of families. The U.S. is one of the priority food and agricultural products export markets for Lithuania. Export of agricultural and food products to the US grows every year. Export value has grown 4 times since 2012. 2017 exports of agricultural and food products to the USA amounted to EUR 41.3 million.